Balloons are a fantastic way to add whimsical fun to any kids’ party. Inexpensive and easily adapted to any theme, balloon décor is the perfect canvas to let your imagination run free. At Boston Balloon Factory, we are also happy to help you create the perfect design. Here are a few ideas to liven up your next party for children.

Use Letters and Numbers

Balloons with letters or numbers are extraordinarily popular, and for good reason. You can spell out the child’s name and/or age, or a word or phrase that is meaningful to her. Create a bold balloon wall or send guests home with personalized souvenirs.

Decorate the Dessert Table

Balloon garlands or a festive arch can lead the way to the sweets. Use the color scheme you are using throughout the party or highlight the entire rainbow for an extra touch of whimsy. You can even place a few stand-up figurines of your child’s favorite characters around the table with individual balloons in their hands.

Add Festive Flair to the Dining Tables

Adult parties typically feature floral centerpieces (though more and more adults are adding balloons to the mix!). For a kids’ party, though, balloons are the perfect alternative. Create fancy balloon centerpieces if your child likes to dress up and feel sophisticated, or just float a few balloons at different heights for a more playful look.

Create a Chandelier

A balloon chandelier is a great way to add height and visual interest to any room. Center it in the space or hang it just above the guest of honor’s table.

Invite Colorful Friendly Monsters

If your child enjoys movies like Monsters, Inc., why not invite a few colorful balloon monsters to the party? They can hang out near the entrance to welcome guests or sit near a designated activity space to serve as a transition.

Design a Faux Fireplace or Large Cornucopia

When you’re a kid, nothing beats a huge pile of balloons. Build a simple faux fireplace or large cornucopia and stuff it to overflowing with balloons in your color scheme. Be sure to let some of the balloons spill out onto the table or floor.

Make a Selfie Station

Unless your kid is a toddler, odds are good that he or she is a big fan of selfies. Set up an old-school photo opportunity by building a V-shape out of balloons in a corner of the room, and let the kids go nuts taking selfies alone or with their friends.

At Boston Balloon Factory, we love creating personalized balloon décor. Let the above ideas inspire you, and then call us to discuss your thoughts.


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