In a world where life is documented on social media, gender reveal parties have become an extremely popular way to let your family and friends know whether you’re having a new baby boy or girl. Sometimes, the gender of the baby might be kept a secret from even the parents, who also find out the baby’s gender at the gender reveal party with the guests. With so many ideas on Pinterest, it’s overwhelming to find an idea that best reflects you. Here are some of the most popular gender reveal party ideas that you can choose from.

Colored Cake

With a gender reveal cake, the baker is given a sealed envelope with the gender of the baby written on a note inside. The cake is then dyed blue or pink, with generic frosting on the outside of the cake to hide the cake’s inside color. When the parents-to-be cut open the cake, they and their guests will see the gender of the baby.

Confetti Balloons

You put pink or blue confetti into a gender neutral colored balloon. The balloon is popped and the color of confetti that sprinkles down reveals that baby’s gender. An alternative to this method that doesn’t include popping balloons is to put balloons of a single color into a cardboard box. You can even draw or paint question marks onto the box. The parents-to-be open the box and reveal the baby’s gender as the balloons fly out. Just make sure to do this activity inside so balloons don’t end up in the environment.


If you use a pinata at a gender reveal party, you would stuff candy and/or toys of all one color into the pinata. When guests hit the pinata and break it open, the appropriately colored stuff would fall out. If you plan on inviting your baby’s siblings or other children to the gender reveal party, having a pinata can be a nice way to get them involved.

Silly String

A very easy way to announce the news at your gender reveal party is through colored silly string. Guests or the parents-to-be can shoot out cans of silly string that are pink or blue. Depending on whether it’s a surprise to the parents, you can spray paints or cover the labels of the cans of silly string to conceal the gender until it is time.

Tire Smoke

If you have a car enthusiast in the family, they sell specialty tire chalk that produces a colored smoke when the car revs up and turns its tires. There are many different models, including chalk packets and more expensive specialty drift tires that produce color. Just make sure to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for safety.

The gender reveal is just one part of the party. If you are in the mood for imaginative, affordable, one-of-a-kind balloon decor for your gender reveal party,contact Boston Balloon Factory today at (781) 956-9836 to learn how we can enhance your special day.