If you are in charge of planning a bridal shower, it is normal to feel both excited and stressed out. After all, one of your beloved friends or relatives is getting married, and you want to give her the celebration of a lifetime! Fortunately, planning a bridal shower need not be difficult once you settle on a theme. Here are some fun ideas to get you started.


Classic Romance

Classic, romantic bridal showers are timeless for a reason. No matter who the bride is or what her interests are, a bridal shower is a celebration of love. Think delicate, girly decorations, champagne, and adorably sweet pictures of the bridal couple. This theme lends itself well to a brunch, an afternoon tea, or even a sleepover. Add Parisian touches for a bit of extra romance.


Shabby Chic

Is the bride a fan of all things vintage? Create a sweet, rustic vibe with thrift store finds. Add some hand-crafted decorations and simple baby’s breath floral arrangements. Serve slightly elevated classic comfort foods.


Black Tie Glamour

If the bride loves formalwear, throw a black tie party. Keep it modern with lots of sparkle and a fancy chandelier, or theme it to the Roaring 20s or the Post-War 40s for a bit of extra fun. Prohibition cocktails are an inspired touch, even if the shower is otherwise modern.


Backyard Casual

Does the bride like to kick off her shoes and let her hair down? A casual backyard shower is a great way to help the entire bridal party relax from the stress of wedding planning. Think Christmas lights, picnic foods, and fun but simple flower arrangements.


On the Water

If the bride loves the beach, bring the sand and sunshine to her. Choose pastels and aquamarines, incorporate seashells, and serve fruity tropical drinks. If her style is more cruise ship or yacht, bring in navy blue, stripes, anchors, and sailor hats instead.


Winter Wonderland

Whether the wedding actually occurs in the winter or it is simply the bride’s favorite season, turn the venue into a glittering winter wonderland. Bring in lots of wintry white décor, holly berries, pine cones, and perhaps even a Christmas tree. This theme can go formal, with everyone in winter dresses, or casual, like a relaxed Christmas Eve.


Sweet Tooth

Celebrate the sweetness of love with a candy shower. Use brightly colored decorations and set up an elaborate dessert bar. You can even order customized candies in the wedding colors with the bride’s name or picture on them. Be sure to stock up on sugar-free treats as well for guests who are watching their sugar intake.


Jack and Jill

It’s the 21st century, and many wedding couples are planning and preparing for their wedding together. Why not honor this new style by throwing a coed Jack and Jill shower that includes the male members of the wedding party? Move past the traditional shower games and focus on activities such as ping pong, pool, or swimming that everyone can enjoy together.


Ready to Get Started?

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