If you are throwing a last minute party, you might quickly start to feel overwhelmed. Yet any special event, from a kid’s birthday party to a formal wedding, can be pulled together incredibly quickly. Below are 8 tips to plan a spectacular last minute party that your guests will remember for years to come.


Keep It Simple

You probably can’t get a hand-carved ice sculpture or individual favors for 200 guests at the last minute. But those elements aren’t needed for a fantastic party. Decorative linens, fun or formal balloon décor, and some great flowers can create a festive atmosphere that sets the mood for any event. Remember, it is always better to do one thing well than many things halfway.


Set the Details

As soon as you decide to throw the party, set the date, venue, theme, budget, and guest list. Those factors will drive the rest of your decisions, so lock them down and resist the urge to waffle. Keep in mind that you may need to be flexible at the last minute, but something will be available.


Make a List

Trying to keep everything in your head is never a smart idea, and when you are working under the stress of last minute party planning, it can be disastrous. Search online for a template or create your own, and be sure to mark each task off the list as you complete it.


Get Help

No matter what your skill set, it is virtually impossible to pull off a last minute event by yourself. If you have the budget, hire a professional coordinator, caterer, and others to take some of the burden off your shoulders. If your budget is lower, ask friends and family members to help out.


Streamline the Menu

Experimenting with new recipes at the last minute can be extremely stressful, even if you are just trying to carve out time to sample foods from the caterer. Instead, stick to dishes that you know are a hit with your guests, streamline the menu, and make sure the kitchen facilities are adequate.


Do a Walk Through

The day before the event, walk through the space from your guests’ perspective. Then walk through again from the perspective of any service professionals or loved ones who will be working the event. Make sure there are clear sight lines and reasonable walkways, and do what you can to minimize potential pedestrian traffic congestion.


Let It Go

After your walk through, take a deep breath and let it go. You have done everything you can, so release the stress. Designate someone else as the main point of contact for the day of the party, and focus on having fun. If anything goes wrong, realize that either your guests didn’t notice, or it will be something to laugh about later. Either way, your guests will take their cue from you. If you are stressed out, they will feel uncomfortable. If you are enjoying yourself, you will set them at ease. Live in the moment and create excellent memories.


Ready to Get Started?

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