Modern weddings run the gamut from formal and traditional to sleek and chic. No matter what your wedding vibe is, balloon décor can take it to the next level. Here are 8 simple ways that balloons can enhance your wedding reception decorations.

Add Height

Let’s face it. Most wedding receptions feature a sea of tables covered in white cloths, all festooned with low centerpieces that don’t block conversation. While there is nothing wrong with this, why not make your reception room more interesting by using white balloons to add height. Just float a few white balloons at different heights on the table, taking care to place them in between the chairs. You can even hide the strings by wrapping them in foliage for a more magical effect.

Make Next-Generation Garlands

Garlands are all the rage, but why do the same thing as everyone else? Mix mini-balloons in your wedding colors in with the foliage for a truly unique look. Feel free to throw in some black and/or white balloons if you are feeling especially daring.

Build a Wall

If your reception hall has a big, blank wall, why not fill it up with balloons? Stick to a single, reasonably muted, color to avoid overwhelming the rest of the décor. But be sure to use a variety of balloon sizes to keep it from looking too staged.

Play with Floaters

If your post-wedding bash is being held poolside, float some balloons in the water for a chic, elegant look. Pro tip: Add some floating candles to be sure your guests can see the balloons all night long.

Create a Photo Op

Half the fun of dressing up and going to a wedding is taking pictures, so why not create a fun photo op? Use balloons in your wedding colors, or in traditional white, to frame out a V-shape in a reasonably out of the way corner. It’s a bit of a throwback to high school dances, but in the best possible way.

Highlight the Dessert Table

If you’re leaving the desserts out, you might as well make it obvious where to find them. Create a balloon arch around the sweets table to encourage guests to keep coming back for more.

Welcome Your Guests

A collection of festive balloons around a fun sandwich board gives a festive welcome to your reception. It’s also a practical marker for those who may never have been to your venue before.

Frame a Transition

If your ceremony and reception are at the same venue, a balloon-lined walkway is just the thing to show guests the path. If your reception is at a different venue, but you have different activity stations, you can use this to show guests their options.

Above are just a few of the many ways that balloons can spice up your wedding reception. At Boston Balloon Factory, we pride ourselves on creating unique balloon designs perfect for each event. Put your thinking cap on, and then give us a call with your ideas.


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