One’s wedding day is one of the most, if not the most, memorable days of one’s life. It is a time to celebrate love and the first step in that magical adventure we know as marriage. Considering the importance of this event, most couples spend months and sometimes even years planning the perfect celebration.

Some couples choose to go with a traditional church wedding followed by a reception at a reception hall, country club, or other typical party venue. Other couples make it their mission to plan a truly unique, unforgettable wedding that is completely their own. If you’re a bride- or groom-to-be planning your wedding, and you want it to be anything but typical, we’ve compiled this list of wedding theme ideas that neither you nor your guests will ever forget!

Fairytale wedding. If you ask any bride how she wants to feel on her special day, odds are good that she’ll reply, “like a princess!” More and more brides are deciding to take matters into their own hands to ensure they’ll experience this magic by opting for a theme that includes such accessories as glass slippers, décor depicting castles and crowns, whimsical lighting, and more.

Boho casual wedding. At the other end of the spectrum is a bohemian-inspired wedding. Ideal for the free-spirited couple whose style leans toward eclectic and earthy, boho weddings are simple and non-fussy and may include flowing tapestries, beautifully simple floral arrangements, and rustic, and vintage-inspired accessories.

Western wedding. Cowboy boots and hats, country music, and a pick-up truck “getaway car” are some touches used to create a western wedding. Many couples hold their western weddings at  ranches, farms, and even in barns.

80s wedding. Couples of a certain age may be particularly inclined to opt for a decade-specific theme, like the crazy and colorful 80s. Think big hair; big, bright dresses; and pulsating neon strobe lights creating a clublike party atmosphere to celebrate after the I-Dos have been said.

Black-and-white wedding. For the minimalist couple, a black-and-white wedding is elegant, looks amazing captured in photos, and is easy to pull off. Typically, the wedding party and guests wear black, which cements the fact that on this day, all eyes are to be on the bride in her stunning white gown!

Fire-and-ice wedding. Similar to a black-and-white wedding, guests and wedding party typically wear red and décor and accessories are red and incorporate mirrors, sequins, and all that is sparkly.

First date wedding. This is an unexpected and super fun wedding theme. Couples use their first date as the inspiration for their decorations, accessories, requested guest apparel, food and drink menu, etc. Whether their first date was at a movie theatre, restaurant, amusement park, zoo, etc., the opportunities for creativity are abundant!

Super fan wedding. Some couples are super fans of a pro or college sports team. Other couples are Star Wars or Harry Potter superfans. Others are obsessive pet parents. This theme is ideal for couples who share a common passion that lends itself to party props and décor!

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