Balloons are an inexpensive, fun way to liven up any festive occasion. Yet the tried and true balloon décor ideas can get a little boring. To bring some fresh pizazz to the party, why not try a few of these thoroughly modern balloon ideas, fully adaptable to the theme and formality level of the occasion?

Glitter Balloons

Whether you’re decorating for a wedding or a tea party, a bit of glitz is just the thing to make the party feel high-end. Use a variety of sizes of clear balloons, and add one to two teaspoons of glitter in one of your chosen colors to each balloon. Be sure to blow up the balloons with a pump rather than your mouth to avoid breathing in glitter. Then mount the balloons on the wall for a dramatic statement.

Balloon Fireworks

For a more casual party, trade the glitter for paper or foil confetti. You can use clear balloons to show what’s inside, or colored balloons for more of a surprise. Either way, mount the confetti-filled balloons in a place that is easy to reach, and let your guests go nuts popping them.

Floral Balloon Bouquet

Instead of traditional floral arrangements, why not create flowers-on-a-stick out of brightly colored balloons? This is especially fun for a kids’ party, as they can physically handle the balloon flowers and even pose for photos with them.

Fruit Balloons

If you want to highlight the dessert table, consider installing a mix of bright fruit-colored balloons and foil balloons that look like watermelons or kiwis. Create an arch over the desserts, and don’t forget to design a festive dessert display that works with the balloons.

Balloon Cake Toppers

Sure, you could put candles or traditional cake toppers on your special cake, but why? Mini balloons in your chosen colors, attached to sticks, are a great way to create a fun, modern look, and they can even double as party favors for your guests to take home.

Balloon Wall Art

Whether you choose a monochromatic design or a showstopping rainbow arch, basic latex balloons let you create virtually any kind of wall art you like. Use them liberally to cover a blank wall, or sparingly for a more dramatic look.

Sprinkle Balloons

If you’re feeling crafty, cover plain white balloons with colorful stickers for a sprinkled cupcake look. Put them around the dessert table to draw guests in, or spread them around the room for a fun, casual look.

Painted Balloons

Show off your artistic side by hand painting basic latex balloons to match your theme. Whether you choose an abstract design or an elaborate photorealistic image is up to you. Either way, your guests are sure to appreciate all your hard work!


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